Introducing 1882 Brew: The Newest Coffee Gem on Kenai Peninsula!

Hey, coffee lovers! If you're cruising along the central Kenai Peninsula and need a caffeine fix, you're in for a treat! While the region is no stranger to drive-through coffee huts, there's a new kid on the block that's making waves - 1882 Brew!

You might wonder why the name sounds so intriguing - well, it's got quite the story behind it! Elizabeth Peterkin, the vibrant owner of 1882 Brew, named her coffee shop after an epic 1880s ship called the Corea that sailed between California and Cook Inlet. Sadly, the Corea met its end near Kasilof, leaving behind wreckage and a tale of adventure. That's why you'll find a striking logo on the coffee hut, featuring an almost-replica of the ship and our beloved state flower, the forget-me-nots!

Elizabeth is no stranger to the Kenai Peninsula, having grown up here as a fifth-generation Alaskan. She's got a deep-rooted connection to this place, and her love for the community is evident in every cup she serves. You can feel the excitement in her voice as she talks about the support she's received since opening 1882 Brew.

The journey of 1882 Brew began in Kasilof, where Elizabeth started serving coffee to dipnetters fishing at the mouth of the Kasilof River. Late-night coffee runs for these adventurous souls became the norm, and Elizabeth found herself catering to her dipnet customers until the wee hours. The support and kindness of these customers made it a memorable experience for her.

Thanks to Duke Hardcastle, the owner of Duke's Automotive, the coffee hut found a new home near Bridge Access Road in Kenai. The spot may be temporary, but it's already become a local favorite. The Kenai location continues the tradition of providing provisions for dipnetters, including ice bags and firewood during the season.

But hold on, there's more! Elizabeth's vision is set on something bigger. By the end of the year, she plans to build a brand-new coffee hut just a stone's throw away from the current location. This move will be a part of the City of Kenai's waterfront revitalization project, which aims to transform the area into a bustling commercial and social district along the Kenai River.

We're thrilled to see this young and vibrant business bloom alongside other exciting projects in the region, like Kassik's Brewery moving in next door. Imagine sipping on your favorite coffee while enjoying the picturesque views of the Kenai River - it's the perfect recipe for a memorable experience!

So, whether you're a Kenai local or passing through, make sure to swing by 1882 Brew and show some love to this charming coffee shop. Elizabeth's passion for her craft shines through in every cup she brews, and you'll find a warm welcome awaiting you. Econ 919 — How the Kenai Peninsula Works recently featured Elizabeth and her amazing journey, which you should totally check out for an even deeper dive into her story!

Let's support our local businesses and spread the word about 1882 Brew. Together, we can make this coffee hut an iconic spot on the Kenai Peninsula, brewing up joy and community one cup at a time!