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Rock the Dock - June 29th 2024



Introducing 1882 Brew: The Newest Coffee Gem on Kenai Peninsula!

Hey, coffee lovers! If you're cruising along the central Kenai Peninsula and need a caffeine fix, you're in for a treat! While the region is no stranger to drive-through coffee huts, there's a new kid on the block that's making waves - 1882 Brew!

You might wonder why the name sounds so intriguing - well, it's got quite the story behind it! Elizabeth Peterkin, the vibrant owner of 1882 Brew, named her coffee shop after an epic 1880s ship called the Corea that sailed between California and Cook Inlet. Sadly, the Corea met its end near Kasilof, leaving behind wreckage and a tale of adventure. That's why you'll find a striking logo on the coffee hut, featuring an almost-replica of the ship and ou...


Owners of Kasilof Dock, Robert Peterkin and Elisabeth Shine on The Big Alaska Show

The Big Alaska Show, a podcast dedicated to sharing true and exciting tales from the Last Frontier, recently featured Robert Peterkin and his daughter, Elisabeth, owners of Kasilof Dock. Hosted by Alaska's travel expert, Scott McMurren, the podcast episode highlighted their family's entrepreneurial spirit and the exceptional experiences offered at Kasilof Dock RV Park. This blog explores their appearance on the show and the remarkable offerings of Kasilof Dock.

The Big Alaska Show is a podcast that showcases genuine stories from larger-than-life Alaskans. Unlike scripted reality shows, it provides an authentic platform for sharing captivating experiences. Thousands of Alaskans tune in online ...


Grand Opening at Kasilof Dock