Owners of Kasilof Dock, Robert Peterkin and Elisabeth Shine on The Big Alaska Show

The Big Alaska Show, a podcast dedicated to sharing true and exciting tales from the Last Frontier, recently featured Robert Peterkin and his daughter, Elisabeth, owners of Kasilof Dock. Hosted by Alaska's travel expert, Scott McMurren, the podcast episode highlighted their family's entrepreneurial spirit and the exceptional experiences offered at Kasilof Dock RV Park. This blog explores their appearance on the show and the remarkable offerings of Kasilof Dock.

The Big Alaska Show is a podcast that showcases genuine stories from larger-than-life Alaskans. Unlike scripted reality shows, it provides an authentic platform for sharing captivating experiences. Thousands of Alaskans tune in online every Saturday to join the fun and hear incredible stories from fellow Alaskans.

Scott McMurren, Alaska's travel expert, handpicked Robert Peterkin and Elisabeth as guests on The Big Alaska Show. Born and raised in Alaska, Robert embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship that has been passed down through 4 generations of his family. Together with his daughter, Elisabeth, they have created a haven for RVing, dipnetting, fishing, and camping enthusiasts at Kasilof Dock.

During the podcast interview, they discussed the thriving atmosphere at Kasilof Dock. On that particular day, there were over 200 people in Kasilof, armed with nets and fishing gear, creating an exhilarating scene. The fishing haul was extraordinary, with the presence of more than 107,000 fish, showcasing the abundance of the Kasilof River. The discussion also highlighted the outstanding work Elisabeth is doing in taking care of Kasilof Dock and her coffee shop "1882 Brew". Her dedication and passion for providing exceptional service to visitors were evident throughout the conversation.

Kasilof Dock RV Park in the heart of Kasilof offers a unique and immersive Alaskan experience for adventure-seeking travelers. This historic destination extends beyond a typical RV spot, providing a journey through time. Situated at the mouth of the Kasilof River, the park grants direct access to thrilling activities such as dip netting, angler fishing, and late-run silver fishing, making it a paradise for fishing enthusiasts.

Robert Peterkin and Elisabeth's appearance on The Big Alaska Show brought attention to the remarkable experiences awaiting visitors at Kasilof Dock RV Park. Their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to providing exceptional service were evident throughout the interview. From thrilling fishing opportunities to an immersion in Alaskan history, Kasilof Dock RV Park offers a truly unforgettable adventure. Make sure to visit Kasilof Dock RV Park and create lasting memories where history meets outdoor adventure.

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